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Swimming Pool Removal

Fiberglass & Concrete Swimming Pool Demolition & Removal Services in Bay Area

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Swimming pool demolition can be costly and time-consuming to maintain, often becoming underutilized and a deterrent for potential homebuyers. Whether you aim to reclaim your backyard for a garden, family patio, or green space, or replace an outdated pool, SMI offers a hassle-free solution. With two decades of expertise, we specialize in carefully removing concrete, fiberglass, and Vinyl swimming pools in Concord, Walnut Creek, and Lafayette. Our efficient crew ensures a rapid process, minimizing the impact on your property and providing full insurance coverage. Mindful of noise concerns, we prioritize a seamless experience for homeowners and neighbors. SMI evaluates your site, guides you through the removal process, and offers a complimentary quote, making swimming pool removal a manageable step towards your next project.

Types of swimming pool removal services we provide

What are your options for swimming pool removal?

Why remove your pool?

  • 1

    Maintenance and operational expenses such as chemicals, electricity, water and repairs are increasing
  • 2

    If your pool is older than 15 years and has significant damage, it can lower your house value
  • 3

    Removing the old pool to build a new modern one

SMI's 8 easy steps for pool removal services

Free on-site examination of your swimming pool and free quote.

Free on-site examination of your swimming pool and free quote.

Schedule swimming pool removal/demolition start & end date

Obtain proper and necessary permits for the project.

Start the swimming pool removal process. This usually takes 2 - 5 days but varies project to project depending on the removal option chosen and pool type.

Start the backfilling process and compaction. This usually takes 1 - 2 days depending on removal option chosen.

Inspection from engineer and city.

One happy homeowner 🙂