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French Drain Service

Discover an effective solution to safeguard your home or building’s foundation from groundwater or surface water interference with our French Drain Service. French drains alleviate groundwater pressure and can also serve as septic drain fields. Our trenches, filled with gravel or rock, house a perforated pipe that captures and diverts water away from your property. During consultation, we determine the exit point, which may be the street, a culvert, a dry well, or another safe location. Installation options include exterior placement around the foundation wall or interior placement on the basement floor. At SMI Demolitions, we ensure a meticulous installation process for optimal water management and protection of your property’s foundation.

Efficient Water Management

Discover an effective and affordable water management solution with our French Drain Service. These drains provide a simple yet highly efficient channel for water flow, working effectively in redirecting water due to their straightforward design. With various design options available, choosing the right type of French drain is tailored to the specific needs of your property, carefully analyzed during consultation.

Evolution of Modern Solutions

The origins of modern French drains trace back to simple ditches filled with gravel, designed to pitch water from higher to lower areas. Particularly valuable in areas with inadequate city water systems, these drains are adaptable in size based on the level of rainwater or runoff. Commonly known as weeping tiles, French drains consist of trenches filled with rock or gravel, housing a perforated pipe. During consultation, we determine the optimal location for diverting groundwater away from your property, whether it’s a street, dry well, culvert, or another suitable destination. Trust SMI Demolitions for a comprehensive and customized French drain solution.

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