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Commercial & Residential Excavation
Services in Oakland & Bay Area

Precision Excavation Solutions for Every Need

Professional Excavating Services in Bay Area

SMI specializes in a wide range of excavation services, catering to both small and large projects in the Bay Area, including pier drilling, trenching, backfilling, grading, and drainage. Recognizing the uniqueness of each job and the diverse factors at play, we ensure thorough and safe completion. Whether it’s providing pier drilling for robust foundations, excavating building foundations, or creating trenches for wiring and piping, our services contribute to solid and secure site underpinnings. We prioritize quality, value, and customer service in delivering a variety of excavation solutions. Our meticulous approach aims to exceed customer expectations, backed by a highly trained and experienced crew capable of handling projects of any size and complexity. With two decades of experience, SMI Demolition guarantees the successful and precise completion of every job.

Small & Big Excavation

We specialize in commercial and residential excavation services in Oakland in Bay Area. Whether it be a big excavation project like a digging a foundation or a small one such as a minor pier drilling we ensure that it’s done quickly, safely and with quality.


Our experienced crews take the headaches of trenching for underground pipes and wires so you can continue with your project.

Pier Drilling

The construction of piers requires specialized drilling which then facilitates deep foundations which are necessary to sustain above-water constructions.

We specialize in professional pier drilling in Bay Area.  Our experienced crews take the headaches of trenching for underground pipes and wires so you can continue with your project.


We don’t only excavate your projects, but we fill them back in. Whether it’s filling the area behind retaining wall or elevate a low portion of your property you simply need to select the type of fill you would like and schedule a day.  


Grading is one of the most critical aspects of any property. It helps prevent costly damage to foundations and basements. Grading can also prevent water build up in unwanted areas of your property.


Along with grading, having the right drainage system on your property can help prevent unnecessary and expensive damage to the foundation and other elements on your property. SMI’s years of experience in proper drainage can help solve problems you may be having.